Learning how to fascinate your prospects and existing customers could be one of the keys to your success if you can spend enough time trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Businesses in every industry are paying clever marketers a small fortune to tap into one aspect of human nature that motivates people to take action…


Here’s the reality, when it comes to consumers today.

They are becoming more and more oblivious to marketing messages that are put in front of them.


If you are like me and most people who read this blog, and your goal is to create a second-stream of income online as an affiliate marketer or a network marketer, you will probably be selling the same products or services as other people like you in your marketplace.

And that’s OK!


The good news for you is that most marketers online are using a push model.

In other words, they are advertising all over the Internet saying…

Buy my stuff!

Everyone is doing this online and consumers are getting bored of this.

What you can do to give yourself advantage  is to use more of a pull model.

Here’s the reality…

You will sell more stuff, if people seek you out to buy what you are selling.

If your prospective customers take steps to find out more about you, your brand and your products, when it comes to making buying decisions – they’ll find it 10x easier to make the decision to buy.

The foundation behind this lies in NLP and it’s to do with the fact that suggestibility of your marketing messages increases after people take a series of micro-commitments, that you stipulate.

In a previous post, I talked about ways that you can grab people’s attention using headlines.

This is interruption marketing.

When you are advertising or more importantly, when you are have your prospect in front of your sales message, your ultimate goal is to get them to take action – to buy.

But, before you even introduce people to your sales message, if you can get them to develop a certain degree of fascination with you, you will find grabbing their attention much easier and they will consume the information that you present to them with less resistance.

So, let’s look at 3 fascination triggers that you can use to pull people towards you in your market.



Sex sells.

But why?

Here’s the reality when it comes to human beings.

We become fascinated when we anticipate pleasure.

You see, the way that this lust trigger works is that it breeds fascination by manipulation of our 5 physical senses namely:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste

It is this sensual reward that we will get that stimulates our anticipation that creates fascination.

There is an old marketing philosophy that will always be true…

People buy for emotional reasons and justify their decisions with logic!


At a subconscious level, the people in your marketplace, your ideal customers, are paying attention to what you are saying but they are paying even more attention to how you are making them feel.

Let’s look at an example of how someone can apply this to their business.


If you are selling a weight loss product.

Before you even consider telling people about your products and the price, why don’t you introduce them to 3 pieces of content that give them some tips that speak about the sensual (sight, touch, taste etc) benefits that they will experience when they use your product.

This is how you stimulate lust/craving in the minds of your prospects.

You could talk about how soft their skin will feel when their partner caresses their skin.

You could talk about how much younger they will look, when they see themselves in the mirror.

This is called pre-framing at an emotional level.

In other words…

Talk in terms of sensual experience!


Let’s look at another way to become more fascinating.


We love them.

The way that you can use the mystique to your advantage is to get into the habit of revealing enough information to stimulate curiosity, but to keep this information in the shadows so that it inspires questions.

Do you remember what we said about lust before?

Lust is about the anticipation of sensual pleasure – it isn’t about fulfilment.

Neither is Mystique!

When you use this trigger of mystique in your messages, you goal is to never leave someone feeling like they’ve finally got the answer.

They must always feel like they are getting closer to it, but they need to consume more of your information before they can find the answer they are looking for.

Make sense?

This is an effective way to keep them as interested as possible so that when you’ve finally got their undivided attention, they are ready to consume the offer for your product or service with a laser-like focus.

Applying this trigger isn’t easy, you need to use this approach slightly differently to a trigger such as lust.

Two powerful techniques that you can use apply this trigger are:

  • Restrict Access to Information
  • Salting

The first point is self-explanatory.

If you are selling a skincare product, before you present your main sales message, let your prospect know that you are going to give them some valuable now and more valuable information after if they take a specific action such as give you an email address, fill out a questionnaire etc.

It’s the nightclub VIP principle.


If you can let people know that you have something to share with them that everyone doesn’t have access to, it motivates people to want to consume the content even more.

You see…

There’s one technique, that if you apply it to your online business twice weekly, it has the potential to double your income within the next 60 days, and if you apply this technique without fail, you will attract customers at a rate 2x quicker than your competition selling the same products that you are. This technique is know as…


You’ve just been salted – 🙂

You see..

Salting is telling someone about something without actually telling them exactly what it is. It’s like a cliffhanger after ever sentence that makes the reader of your message want to read on to find out exactly what the mystery technique is.

If you can start doing this in your messages you will build more anticipation, mystique and become more fascinating.

Almost done…

OK, let’s look at the last trigger that you can use to become more fascinating.



I’ll say it again…

We are motivated by either:

  • Fear of loss – 2x as powerful
  • Desire to gain

The imminent threat of a negative consequence, especially revolving around our safety and security makes us all take action in a way that we would never have before.


It goes back to our reptilian brain.

We are all programmed to deal with danger in one of two ways:

  1. Fight
  2. Flight

In either of the above cases, decision making is normally made irrationally.

I mentioned earlier that that we make decisions based on emotion and justify logically.

It’s true, but don’t take this for granted. You always want to do your best to keep your prospects as in touch with their emotional and irrational side as possible.


You can do this by applying the alarm trigger.

So, how can you apply this alarm trigger to your marketing.

It’s quite straightforward.

When speaking to people in your marketplace you need to get into the habit of telling them…

If you don’t do X , Y(danger) will probably happen!


It’s likely to get worse!

I don’t know the industry that you work in but take the above statement model and start applying it to your messages.

That’s it!

The whole point of this post is to discuss techniques that you can use to become more fascinating to people in your market before you try to sell them your products.

These are pre-framing techniques that will help you to sell more of the same products that others are trying to sell in your marketplace.


Write marketing messages to people in your marketplace that incorporate these fascination triggers before when you introduce people to your products/services.

I hope you got some value from this post.

Till next time…