Most entrepreneurs spend their time looking for the holy grail. The hidden success secrets known to a minority of business people that will make all of the difference in their businesses.

We all love tactics and short cuts that will take us from A to B in the shortest time possible.


When it comes to success there are only 4 main success secrets that will actually make a significant change in your business, if you choose to apply them.

They are as follows:

  1. You must know what you want to achieve in life
  2. You must have the confidence in yourself to achieve your goals
  3. You must believe that you deserve to be successful
  4. You must take the action necessary to achieve these goals

It’s that simple.

The four secrets mentioned above are the foundation upon which all of the strategic and tactical elements of your business need to be built on.

Here’s what’s interesting…

The 4th steps mentioned above is the one that most people think is the most important.

Not true!

Here’s why…

When you have a crystal clear idea of WHAT you want and you genuinely believe that you deserve it the achieved goal, the tactical part involved in ‘taking action‘ becomes 10x easier.

When you face challenges as you build your business you will have the foundation of your WHY to stand firm on and get back on track when things get hard.

You will also notice that most prospective customers that you speak to do not have a strong enough WHY which is a reason that they often come up with the objections that you will often hear on a frequent basis.

Many years ago I used to blame everyone and everything for not having achieved my goals, I would often blame:

  • the government
  • the fact that I wasn’t born into wealth
  • the profession that I had pursued
  • the choice of degree that I chose to study at university
  • …and the list goes on

It amazes me how much time and energy I would focus on these negative excuses for why I wasn’t as wealthy as I wanted to be.

If you are being honest, would you say you have convinced yourself of the same excuses before?

If not , then well done.

If you have…

It’s Not Your Fault!

Most people have passed the blame onto other for their current circumstances and that’s probably why the average net-worth of people in the western-world is shockingly low with only 5% achieving wealth at retirement age.

So, what we collectively need to do is to completely eliminate the illusion that there are all of these factors that are holding us back that we have no control over.


I’m also a realist.

It’s true that many of us have to overcome significant barriers that other do not.

An example of this can be seen in the UK where it is the case that women are often paid 30% less than men for doing the same job.

There have been government reports acknowledging that institution racism and sexism exist in public sector.


With all of that being said, playing the victim can only get one so far in life and a person’s success is rarely out of their control.

You really do have the power in you to…

Control your own destiny!


I want to make something clear here…

The purpose of this post isn’t to give you the exact strategy to achieve your goals.


Because I don’t know enough about your goals and aspirations at this point.

If you are interested in  earning an extra income using network marketing as a vehicle I have given you an exact strategy to follow (Get-em, Keep-em, Grow-em).

If you are interested in being an affiliate marketer, our WA community can help you by giving you the exact tactics and strategies to follow.

The aim of this post is to discuss the mental and psychological process that needs to be in place before you should even think about sending out emails, writing ebooks, doing social media advertising etc.


Some of you who are taking the time to read this post will have goals about life that aren’t directly related to income.

You might be more interested in just enjoying what you do and the people who have to work with. If that’s the case these principles still apply.

So, let me reiterate my previous point to really drive this home.

When you know exactly WHAT you want out of life and genuinely believe that you DESERVE the desired result, you will have everything you need to make the HOW work and achieve your goals.

Knowing what you want is easy for most people. They can grab a pen and paper and make a list of all of the things that they want to achieve.

So let’s talk about another important aspect of success…


Success means different things to different people, but the most common definition of success when it comes to running a home business revolves around lifestyle.

Earning enough money to achieve financial goals, working the hours we want to work and interacting with the people we are happy to interact with on a daily business.

A mantra that helps to live by before taking any action to achieve any goals is to

Know, Deserve & Believe.

  • Know – what do you want( 10k /month income)
  • Deserve – are you going to make the sacrifice necessary to be successful
  • Believe – what have you done well before and how can you summon that same energy to apply it to you latest goals

These are the pillars upon which your success is really going to be built on.

Be introspective for a moment and analyse your life for a second.

Let’s start with your net-worth.

I want you to think about everything that you own , your savings , investments etc.

On a piece of paper, write down the value of everything that you own outright.

This doesn’t need to be exact to the nearest dollar but you need to have a rough indication of where you are at financially.

Your asset breakdown might resemble the following:

  • House  – $100,000
  • Car – $ 5000
  • Savings – $3000
  • TV – $200
  • Other household items – $3000
  • Clothes – $2000

Total  -$ 113,200

When you reflect on the total that you have just listed, ask yourself – how you really feel about this figure.

Most people that do this exercise with me genuinely admit that they are not happy and want to do much better.

That’s to be expected.


Visualize, each of the above asset classes as you would like them.

Imagine what it would be like looking at your online bank account and seeing that you actually had $300,000 in savings instead of $3,000.

Here’s the critical part of this exercise.

Taking the 300,000 in savings as an example, as yourself, “Am I honestly worth $300,000?”

You might not think that you are and that’s just normal.


You need to start playing a movie in your mind about the number of people you intend on helping to achieve a goal that’s going to enable to generate you the income needed to save $300,000.

If you can spend time daily meditating on who you need to become to achieve this goal, there will come a point where you’re subconscious mind will be convinced that you have already become this person.

When you start to meditate on the goals you are going to find it hard because you probably don’t yet know WHAT you need to do to achieve the desired result.


Until you start believing in your ability to learn the skills and do to what’s necessary realize your dreams, you are going to find it a herculean task to achieve any goal.

So, the best advice I can give to you today is to dedicate 30 mins a day to thinking, or meditating on the goals you want to achieve them.

First visualize the achievement of your goals and then visualize the impact you have made that helped you achieve the result (e.g Helped 1000 people lose weight)

Doing this will help you to develop a rock-solid self image which is critical to achieving any goal.

I hope you got some value from this post.