Print Media Advertising is dead according to most online Guru’s.


If it had known what I’m about to show you in this post when I first got started..

I would have saved a small fortune!

You are welcome 😉

If you run a home business such as an affiliate marketing business or network marketing business there is one skill that you need to learn and if you put this skill into action it will give you the ability to get better quality leads than most of your competitors.

What is this skill?

Your ability to find good-quality off-line leads CHEAPER than your competition!

Offline leads(newspapers/magazines etc) will nearly ALWAYS convert into the best quality customers with the highest lifetime value.

As you build your business and search for more customer your focus should always be on the long-term value of a customer and not your first sale.


Let me explain…

If you know for a fact that your average customer stays local to you for 2 years and they spend approximately $2000 with you over a lifetime, you can start to allocate an advertising budget based on this $2000 lifetime value amount.

Would it be worth spending $1000 to acquire a customer(s) that highly likely to be worth $2000 in the long-run?

This is powerful because it will enable you to outspend your competitors and get in front of your prospects quicker because you will have done the math and know what they will be worth to you as a customer in the long-run.

If you get nothing else from this post, please try to remember this.


I have often found that offline leads sent to an online marketing funnel will out perform social media and Google PPC leads by at least 2x, in my experience.

Here’s the reality…

If you are in a network marketing or affiliate marketing business you will often find that your competition isn’t often companies with competing products in your niche.


It is probably going to be distributors and affiliates selling the same products that you are.

Worrying isn’t it?


If you are in a competitive environment, selling the same products as everyone else, then your ultimate goal has to be to get the best quality leads and the most competitive price.


I don’t know if you have a online sales funnel like the one we use in the ‘Get-em Keep-em Grow-em strategy‘ or you send people to squeeze pages to sell your products but in this short post I’m going to show you how to get off-line leads via  print media advertising at a rate that is lower than your competitors in the marketplace.

How cool is that?

OK, let’s get started.

The first thing that you should remember about print advertising is that you should…

Never Pay Rate-Card Prices!

Don’t do it.


Let’s say you have identified a publication where you would like to place your advert.

When you call up the sales department at the publication and ask them to give you a quote, they will give you what is know as a ‘rate-card’ price.

People who know anything about newspaper advertising will NEVER pay this price.

The rate-card price is the price related to a specific amount of media real-estate (column inches) available for purchase. It is advertised in the publications media kit so that prospective customers can work out their advertising expenditure based on the size of the advert they would like to purchase.

You should always negotiate the price and offer to pay between 20-50% less than the advertised rate-card amount.


The first response that you will probably get from the sales person is that he/she can’t offer you the discounted price that you have requested.

You will nearly always get this reaction.

And guess what…

That’s fine:)

Here’s the real secret…

If you are planning on running your advertisement in a publication that is published on daily,weekly or monthly, all you need to do is to ask the sales person what the cut-off date is to get your ad placed in the publication’s advertising cycle AND what is the latest time on that date they can accept your order.

Once they confirm this information, you should try your luck  to ask them again if you can have the discounted price.

If your friendly sales-person says ‘No’, politely decline the offer to pay the rate-card price, give them your contact details and tell them that you will go away and think about it.

Here’s what nearly always happens…

After a couple of days to a week later they will call you to find out if you are still interested.


I’m not going to go into the psychology now but it has something do to with perceived power and influence.

Just politely tell them that you are still thinking about it and you will be in touch with them after you’ve done some more research and spoken to a few publications.

The only time you want to place your ad is on the final cut-off date and minutes before the cut off time.

When this time comes, call the sales person back 30 mins before the department takes last orders AND make sure that you are calling then on the last day of the publishing cycle.

Why is this important?


The salesperson probably has a sales manager who is stressing out because they probably haven’t hit their sales target and this alone will motivate them to ‘book’ something rather than nothing.

Make sense?


In most print publications there is often a certain amount of dead-space at the end of each advertising cycle.

Dead space is advertising space that hasn’t been sold and is just sitting their waiting to be used.

So, when you call them back, just before the cut-off time, and ask them if you can have your 20%-50% discount this is when your probability of success is at it’s highest because they would sooner sell it to you than fill it with free offers.


This also sets a precedent because once you have placed the first order with that publication they will know that you are not a novice and will not insult your intelligence by offering you rate-card pricing ever again.

It really is as simple as that.

Yes, you’re right…

To be successful in newspaper advertising you need to know more than just how to get advertising cheaper than your competitors. You need to know how to write headlines, body copy and how to place ads well BUT if you can master this tip alone you are well on your way to getting leads cheaper than your competition.

I hope you got some value from this.

Till next time!