If you are trying to sell physical products, like skin care or weight loss shakes, a clever way to position yourself as an authority with your prospect is to create information products that position you as an authority.

When you follow the Team Sofa ethos and you focus on building your Network Marketing business by developing a customer-base of complete strangers it is important to remember that only 10% of people in a marketplace will be eager to buy your product NOW.

So what can you do to improve the probability that your prospective customer will buy your products instead of your competitor?

By positioning yourself as an authority using information product – a lead magnet.

There has been a lot of talk over the last 5 years about lead magnets but most oft these videos, articles don’t really go into the psychology of how they work and what you need to do to create an effective one.

That’s what I’m going to do here.


Let’s get started.

OK the main philosophy here is that you are going to create information products that will help you to sell your MLM products by positioning you as an authority.

A well crafted information product will improve your ability to sell more because of the way it will position you to the market place.

Here’s what a good information product will do for you:

  • It will train your customers at as subconscious level how to work with you – when they eventually buy your MLM products – this will save you a lot of time and headache in the future
  • It will be an evergreen tool to attract the perfect customers for yo
  • It will generate more sales for you

So this magnet, the information hook that you are going to use  can take many forms as seen below:

  • an ebook
  • an audio recording
  • a video – screenshare or live person 
  • a word document
  • a postcard
  • …and anything else you can think of yo communicate information to a prospective customer

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you want to find NEW customers to purchase a weight loss package that’s one of many products in your product catalogue.

You follow the Team Sofa principles and the Get-me, Keep and Grow-em strategy and you want to position yourself as an authority before screaming ‘Buy my stuff’ at them.

So how do you do this?


You create an information product that will give your prospect valuable free tips to build good will.

REMEMBER – this information is supposed to complement the product that you are eventually going to sell to your customer.

You follow the strategy that I’ve mentioned previously, you buy 3 books from amazon, take 6 weight loss tips and you put four of these tips in  special report or ebook that you send to your customer with an invitation at the end to have a call with you to find out how they can work with you to lose weight.

The strategy that many of us used to use years ago was to place a classified ad in the newspaper which was simply a headline and a phone number.

Something like…..


Headline Example:

“Want To Discover A Simple & Easy Way To Lose Weight and Keep It Off Leaving Your Friends Foaming At The Mouth In a Jealous Rage?”


Call Jonny on xxx-xxx-xxx(24HRS)


This is a simple headline with a telephone number that directs your prospect to a voicemail. The voicemail asks them to leave their postal address to receive a free report/ebook <<what ever information you plan to offer them>> that you will send to them in the mail.

Not online.


Front of Mind Awareness!

The following day, they receive your report of free tips that help them to lose weight and then you invite them to call you to find out how you can help them personally.

OK so far we’re at a C+ when it comes to positioning you as an authority.

Here’s what you need to do to make your information product little sexier…..

What your looking to do when creating an information products is to have a single source of information that you can direct people to from many different areas.

You want to focus on building a relationship that positions you as an authority and creates credibility so that when you eventually have the,” Buy my stuff ”  conversation and attempt to close the sale, they are already predisposed to joining you in the endeavor that you are proposing.

When you create a product that you are going to bring to the marketplace, your ultimate goal is NOT the money that you will gain from the initial sale.


You goals should be more focused on the long-game and as far as network marketing is concerned this means:

  • developing repeat customers who stay with you for a minimum of 180 days
  • developing relationships that result in them bringing you new customers without you having to ask them
  • developing a pool of potential distributors that you can use to build your organization


Ideally what you’re doing with this lead magnet is to create a relationship development tool(RDT).

BUT, if this RDT is going to stand a change of developing a strong and long lasting relationship, it needs to offer more than tips.

Oh yes.

It needs to be able to effectively sell the following:

  • your philosophy
  • the prospect on themselves
  • whats next

So, let’s delve into these concepts in more detail.

Selling Your Philosophy

By following part of the ‘Get-em..’ strategy you are already way ahead of other distributors in your market place.

You will be seen as more of an authority if you are able to offer them some valuable tips but here’s that most distributors don’t realsie.

In network marketing (more than any other industry) , people make decisions to buy based on affinity and rapport more than practical tips, features/benefits of the perceived product or the compensation plan structure.

They make buying decisions based on emotions more than anything, this is important to remember.

The way that you are going to develop a bind with these strangers is to sell them on the things that you have in common with them.

By using your information product as an opportunity to share your philosophy, information about the way you like to work with customers and to let them know that they have what it takes to achieve their outcome, you develop a psychological connection with them that is over and above tips .

Here’s the reality…

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, If you don’t get your customer in perfect sync with your philosophy it is highly likely that you will experience challenges in getting them to use your product as you needs to do it. 

It’s not enough to assume that they will follow the instructions, like, take 2 shakes a day and join the weekly call. At  a subconscious level, their suggestibility is going to be directly proportional to the extent to which they believe in your philosophy about the subject matter.

So from an MLM perspective this could include, the importance of correct nutrition to sustain a long life  etc.

So the question is to ask  – what is your philosophy?

Another benefit of an information product is to help your customer to realise the opportunity that they have in their hands.

You see, simply having a skin care product, isn’t stimulation enough to keep your customer excited and engaged. They need to understand that as they drink the shake or take the pills, what they are ultimately doing is taking one step closer to achieving a goal that will have an impact on their lives and an emotional level.

This is the key to getting them to stay on with the program and to reorder.

Tell Them  “You Can Do It” & “It’s Not Their Fault”

The most critical use of an information product that you will use to sell your MLM products is ultimately to sell the reader on him or herself.

This is powerful!

Here’s what I mean.

The main reason why people don’t buy isn’t because they don#t believe the product will work, or that they don’t believe in you, it isn’t because they don’t believe any claims that you have made, or that they aren’t sure f they can afford the product.

No. The main reason why people don’t buy is because…

They do not believe in themselves to follow your instructions and stick to the plan!

They wont admit that to you, but that is the case more often than not.

I have these conversations with new members of Team Sofa all the time who tell me about past failures and then admit that they have made so many errors of judgement before, they are scared of doing the same things again.

And that’s fair enough – its just a defense mechanism.

Remember what I said about elapsed time earlier, well let me expand on that concept here.

At the moment when someone makes a buying decision, they are emotionally in a state where they anticipate the desired result that the product is going to give them. They often forget about their own inadequacies , incompetence and past examples of bad judgement, they at this point and then they make a decision to buy.


After they order and there are a couple of days before the product is actually delivered, they have an opportunity to start reflecting on these areas of self-doubt start to creep in AND when the product is actually delivered to them the cold hard truth about who they actually are a s a person can often kick in.

So a great information product has to sell them on themselves.

The most powerful statement that you can make to someone to instill confidence in themselves is to let them know that their past failures…

Aren’t Their Fault!

If someone has tried 100 diets and never managed to lose weight and keep it off, as simple statement such as:

If you’re like most people who have tried 5 different diets and lost some weight only to find that you’ve put the weight back on in a few months after the diet has finished. Don’t worry Its not your fault! Most of these weight loss companies don’t tell you that….

Make sense.

It has to convince them that even though people i their immediate environment who might have negative options about their new endeavor because they have witnessed the mistakes that they have made before is actually wrong.

Tell Them What’s Next

As a business person, prospecting should always be looking to acquire new customers BUT you need to make sure that you attract the type of people who you will enjoy doing business with.

And finally, your information products should ultimately sell them on what’s next.

If you’ve ready the get-em keep growm strategy where i teach you where to find new customers, how to get them to reorder monthly and the best way to get these customers to convert to being distributors, you will notice that they reasoning behind getting a customer to buy your MLM product is not to make a sale. Its more focused on creating a life time customer pool that you can use to sponsor distributors which is what is going to build a legacy income that you can live off.

Truly a passive income of active distributors who are actually working the business in the correct way.

So, you can use an information product to plant the seeds of what should happen LONG AFTER they purchase the first product from you.

Using this case it would be yo sell the actual MLM product after they have consumed the information product.

Putting It All Together

OK, so let’s recap.

You want to sell a weight loss shake and you apply the Get-em strategy and you find a bunch of people who raise their hand in the market place ad they show you that they want to lose weight.

You create an information that might be a 4 page information product that contains 6 weight loss tips that will help them to lose weight that follows a similar formula:

  1. Your philosophy about weight loss
  2. A few facts and statistics about weight loss
  3. 4-6 Weight loss tips they can use to get results
  4. An invitation to work with you and a paragraph about next steps (e.g send an email requesting a telephone consultation to discuss your goals work together we’ll have a 30 min consultation call during a time-slot between 7-9 pm )

The main thing to remember is that by  providing them with this information before you offer to sell them your weight loss package you are helping to pre-qualify them before you sell them the product.

If they read your information or listen to your audio and your philosophy is a good match, you have some interesting stats to make your product seem credible, you give them valuable tips and you make it crystal-clear what they have to do next, you have them mentally engaged before you even present your offer to them.

Hope you got some value from this post.