It sounds obvious but if you don’t ask for the order and close the sale, it’s unlikely that you will ever hit your income goals.

A typical sales message often consists of the following elements:

  • Capturing your prospects attention – a headline or pattern interrupt used in a video
  • Agitating a problem – ‘this is whats wrong and here’s why it’s about to get worse’
  • Presenting your offer – ‘all is not lost – here’s the solution’
  • Closing the sale – asking for the order

Small business owners often find that getting their message in front of new customers isn’t the real problem.

The real problem that they struggle with is the last part of the sales formula, asking for the order or…

Closing The Sale!

So, in this post I’m going to give you tips and techniques that have worked for me and my team to close the sale when selling physical products and business opportunities to complete strangers.


OK let’s get started.

Legendary sales trainer, Zig Ziglar once said that..

Timid sales people have skinny kids.

So, what did he really mean by saying this?


Without a doubt your success when it comes to selling is going to be proportional to your willingness and ability to ask a customer to buy your stuff.

Prospective customers aren’t going to chase you to offer you money, even if they really want what you have to offer.

The mistake that we often make is that we elongate the sales process because we have read sales books or attended training where we have been told that the average sales is made after the 7th interaction.

At a subconscious level we tend to stretch out this process because we are afraid of rejection.

What you want to do in your sales presentations, calls and general interactions is to make sure that you are always closing.

Let’s say you’re selling a skin product you sing a webinar.

You could use the traditional formula of:

  • Webinar introduction
  • Industry statistics
  • Problem agitation
  • Your solution to the problem
  • The offer

..and if this is done properly, this will probably work.


Another technique that has worked for me in webinars ,and other one-to many interactions is to give people the opportunity to buy at various stages of the sales presentation.

Lets cay you are running a 15 mins VSL or a 1 hr webinar. Instead of waiting until the end of the presentation you can offer them the opportunity to signup now every 5, 10 or 15 mins.


The point that I’m trying to make is that YES, you want to establish rapport with your customer, you want them to ‘Know-Like and Trust you’ but let’s be honest.

You’re interaction with your prospect is a commercial one.

You want to make a sale and the more you ask, the better opportunity you have of making that sale.

What’s is the worst that can happen?

They don’t take you up on your offer.

Whenever the customer senses that you are reluctant to ask for the order something interesting happens when you eventually get around to asking.

They normally respond by saying…

“Let me think it over”

You would be amazed at the number of sales people who fall victim to this.

The reality is that a very small, I mean extremely small percentage of people who tell you they will ‘think it over or will ‘discuss your offer with their partner’, ever pull the trigger and make a decision to buy.

That’s why you need to focus your energies on speaking to people and trying to close people, who are ready to buy now.

To maximise the chances of these people buying at the time you try to make your offer and close the sale, you need to focus your prospecting on ONLY going after customers who can EASILY afford to buy what you’re selling.

So, how do you go about doing that?

Well ask yourself the following question…

“Where do people with a significant amount of disposable income hang out”

Another question that you can ask yourself is…

“Where do people who have demonstrated that they spend money on products similar to the ones I’m selling – hang out?”

Can you understand the importance of this?

If Sally has a proven history of purchasing weight loss products, books and audio programs and you are selling a weight loss package, it’s highly likely that she will me more likely to purchase what you are offering and offer less resistance when you proceed to close her on your offer.

A great way to identify these people is buy using direct mail.

I have bought lists in batches of 2000 names, of buyers who have bought similar products within the last 6 months.

This is one way to target these people.

Another cool way to identify people with the disposable income is to find a list broker of Amex card holders who have made recent purchases. There are thousands of mailing list brokers out there and you can rent the lists and send your offer to these people.


To manage expectations, I need to let you know that direct mail can be an extremely expensive activity and you are always better off testing your offer online to prove that it works first. However, once your offer has proven to work you can purchase direct mail lists to then scale-up your sales activity.

Apologies, I digressed, so let’s get back to  closing the sale…

If you read many sales book you will often come cross outdated sales techniques, some of which include:

  • the Ben Franklin close
  • the Puppy Dog close
  • ..and many more

These closing techniques worked well int he 40s, 50s AND 60s but they are not always that effective in this day and age.

The easiest and most effective close to use, in the present time  is the the X ,Y close.

Telemarketers use this close all the time – because it works.

Mr Jones, so you’ve heard how working with me over the next month can help you to lose weight and keep it off and I’ve told you about your Weight loss ultimate package. Sounds like you’re ready to get started? Would you prefer Weight loss package X or Y”

This very straightforward close offering the customer two options to chose from.

Obviously I’m not saying that the customer is always guaranteed  to pick either option but whenever you present this option to them but its much better than asking questions like…

So what do you think?” or Would you like to get started?

So, in conclusion…

The key to selling more of your products in person, on the phone, online is to be brave enough to try to close the sale.

Remember, the worst that they can say is NO and no doesn’t mean never, it just means not now.

Till next time.